Issue 100.6-Nov-Dec 2017

Ten Years Out of One Hundred

“I am proud to say that Selected is a strong, vibrant and growing organization.”

Ninety-Nineth Annual Meeting in Chicago
Kicks Off Selected’s Centennial Celebration

The 2017 Annual Meeting was held September 10-13 in Chicago, just ten blocks from the location of the 1918 meeting.

Membership Milestones
for 2017 Honored in Chicago

The association paid special tribute to firms reaching 50, 75 and 100 years of continuous membership in 2017.

Selected’s Centennial Website
Makes Its Debut

Tell us why you sought membership, or share a unique story about you or your firm.

NextGen Seminar Returns to Aruba, January 21-25, 2018

NextGen Seminars are about learning, sharing ideas and recharging.

How Funeral Homes Can Survive
and Thrive in the Information Age

“I hope participants come away with an understanding of how digital marketing works as a strategy.”

Selected Member Programs
Answer Your Tough Questions

Selected’s Member Programs help them harness the knowledge of hundreds of the best minds in funeral service.

New Trustees Named,
Batesville Supports Second-Career Scholarships

Al Asta, Carey Bliley, Scott Pridemore become trustees. Batesville Casket makes contribution.

Can You Prove that Your Firm
Has Impeccable Custody Procedures?

Sometimes doing the right thing is only half the battle. You also need to be able to prove it!

Frank Dawson’s Latest Book
Conveys Wisdom, Leadership
and Practical Management Guidelines

“ I was eager to develop a meaningful book for the funeral profession based on transformational experiences.”

Five Proven Ways to Improve
Your Shopper Call Outcomes

The telephone can play a vital role in shaping a family’s opinion of a funeral home.

Cybersecurity and Small Business

Best practices and security tips

Member News

Remembering Our Colleagues, Educational Trust Contributors, New Members, New STS Agents, News from Our Members