Issue 99.5 - Sep-Oct 2016

Reunions Aren’t Only for Relatives

“I view our Annual Meeting as a bit like a family reunion.”

Social Worker and Humorist
Ron Culberson to Present Annual Meeting
Keynote Address

“I have a lot of respect for the profession… it’s so important that it is done well.”

Do it Well. Make it Fun.

”Life is short… So, we must make the most of the short time we have…”

Make Some Magic at Walt Disney World
This September

The 98th Annual Meeting will be held September 14-17.

Maximizing Your
Annual Meeting Experience

Some suggestions while attending the 98th Annual Meeting.

Setting the Pace at
Selected Study Groups Day

Selected Study Groups Day is held prior to the Annual Meeting.

Educational Trust Gala:
A Magical Night, Two Special Days

This year’s Gala Dinner, on September 14, is accompanied by unique events.

Nominations Being Accepted
for 2017 NextGen Award

Download the nomination packet and return it by October 1, 2016.

First Roundtable for Women Held in July

More than 20 women gathered for Selected’s first Women’s Roundtable.

FTC Offers Guidance and Safe Harbor
for Certain Storefront Providers that
Comply with Casket Price List
Disclosure Rules

By Sarah Pojanowski Selected’s General Counsel The Federal Trade Commission is offering funeral homes some additional insight into how exactly [...]

Superior Technology and Highly-Trained
Staff are Key to Award-Winning
Telephone Answering Services

ASD is the only answering service that exclusively serves the funeral profession.

Creating Beautiful Tribute Videos
is Now Much Easier

Tukios, the Selected Preferred Partner for video tribute and webcasting services.

Accommodating Employees’ Workplace Needs

What does the company need to document or purchase regarding an employee’s back issue?

Member News

Remembering Our Colleagues, Welcome New Members, Trust Contributors, News from Our Members

Preferred Partner News

Internet Ad Pros, The Dodge Company