Chart Your Course to Better Leadership

The Selected Leadership Academy is not just another leadership training program. It’s a personalized journey for those who believe their leadership matters and choose to become better. If you or someone on your team want to chart your course to becoming a better leader, the Selected Leadership Academy serves as a compass to guide you on the path of internal personal growth by offering a focused curriculum designed to engage and energize anyone wanting to build their leadership skills.

Selected Leadership Academy participants shared a unique learning and creative experience at ArtSpace in Raleigh, NC.

Overseen by Marguerite Ham, Academy Dean, the Academy incorporates face-to-face meetings, conference calls and online interaction to help class members learn, share and build bonds during the two-year experience.

Selected Leadership Academy

“There is a vast difference between managing and leading. Both of these roles are important to any organization. However, our focus is on leadership,” said Ham. “Great leaders who have sustained organizational success are lifelong learners. They want to continually grow, develop and challenge themselves to higher levels. That is the purpose of the Academy: to grow, develop and challenge you as an exceptional leader.”

Enrollment for the 2018 Academy class officially opens January 1, 2018. Enrollment packets have been mailed to Selected member firms. Visit for full details. Class is size is limited to 15 members, so applications will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Selected thanks Premier Preferred Partner Answering Service for Directors (ASD), for its sponsorship of the Leadership Academy. For more information and answers to questions, contact Director of Meetings and Education Amy Hunt at 800-323-4219 or