What Are Your Families Thinking?

Leverage Feedback. Enhance Performance. Drive Strategy.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”—Bill Gates

Successful organizations continuously ask for and embrace feedback. Knowing what your clients like, don’t like and, most importantly, what they want gives you a competitive advantage. With consumer expectations constantly shifting, exploring what matters to your families helps you identify needs, spot trends and determine necessary changes to your business strategy.

Family Followup Survey ProgramSelected’s Family Follow-Up Survey Program, selectedfuneralhomes.org/ffusp, is an exclusive member benefit available to all firms and a no-or-low-cost way to obtain client feedback. The survey assesses the satisfaction level of 17 operating characteristics including courtesy of staff, condition of facilities, appearance of the deceased, attention to detail and value of service and merchandise compared to price paid. Additional questions prompt the responder for written comments, which provide opportunities for rich insight. For firm-specific feedback, members can add customized questions to the survey, further expanding the data gathered.

While distributing surveys is the first step, taking the time to review the replies and plan for action is the real payoff. Members participating in Selected’s program have their survey responses compiled into a convenient, online report each month and stored in a private portal [shown below]. Completed survey forms also are available to capture hand-written comments from families. Members can download any or all the reports and surveys for review or to share with staff. Also, an annual report is provided, showing trending and comparison data.

“We share responses as a staff. We find it very affirming and occasionally instructive. When we have new employees, it’s a reassuring way for me, as an owner, to see that they are performing well,” shared Steve Wright of Wright Funeral Home, Moorhead, MN.

A Deeper Dive: Arranger Tracking and Reporting. Feedback can improve performance and opens the doors for continued learning. For firms wanting to see client satisfaction ratings for their individual arrangers, Selected now offers a new reporting opportunity that allows you to:

  • See families’ responses by individual arranger
  • Compare arrangers side-by-side
  • Combine multiple locations into a cumulative, arranger-specific report
  • Run arranger-specific reports whenever needed
  • Review survey results for the specific time periods desired

This feature can be added to your private portal and reports can be accessed anytime. [Sample shown below.]

“We are excited to offer this program enhancement to our members who are interested in breaking their responses down further,” said Denise Zoephel, Assistant Executive Director. “Seeing feedback by individuals inspires richer discussions, including opportunities for praise and growth.”

Leveraging Client Comments. When families take the time to share their experience, it offers a chance to see whether the service provided met or surpassed their expectations. It allows firms to reward staff for a job well done or correct course, if needed.

“Families may not say it to your face, but if they have the opportunity to write it down, they usually will. Those are things I want to know,” says Rick Snider of Baker-Hazel & Snider Funeral Home, Dayton, OH.

It also is a great source for client testimonials. According to Selected’s Family Follow-Up Annual Summary Report, firm reputation and family experience remain the top reasons firms are chosen. Each Selected survey asks the responder if comments can be shared in promotional materials or on their website.

“Many times, families will recognize staff for their efforts or note an aspect of the firm’s service that was most meaningful to them. Each story is unique. This is what you want to tell folks who are considering your funeral home,” shares Zoephel.

“We didn’t do surveys before joining Selected, so having this tool to get reactions from families has been great! I pass the reports on to each of my staff, so they can review their own performance and see if they met the expectations of that family,” notes Erich Schepp, of Schepp Family Funeral Homes, Fayetteville, NY.

Survey Feedback Equals Opportunities. Ask the right questions, embrace the answers, praise your staff for successes, identify needed improvements, and know where you stand. Visit selectedfuneralhomes.org/ffusp for more information on Selected’s Family Follow-Up Survey Program, or contact Donna Anderson, 800-323-4219 or danderson@selectedfuneralhomes.org.